Three family generations support us as a top-quality manufacturer of paprika. La Pastora is a company well positioned in the market, with a great reputation regarding our relationship with our customers and and the quality of our products.


Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility

In the collective consciousness, the Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is usually associated only to environmental and philanthropic activities. To La Pastora, CSR goes further than that, integrating the key concept of quality in the line of nutritional value, a concept that extends to workers and their families, customers and suppliers.
The commitment to promote general well-being, responsibility, ethics, values and attitudes, leads necessarily to the concept of quality as quality of life that, together with the environmental responsibility, integrates La Pastora’s CSR polity. concept of quality as quality of life, La Pastora integrated this commitment as part of its CSR policy.

Quality understood as purity, nutritional values of our products, in addition to what is traditionally the social responsibility in continuous commitment into concrete actions that La Pastora takes to ethically conduct the economic and social development is understood.
Quality of life in a work environment, quality and purity of 100% natural products, traditional values, attitudes, tolerance and respect for our human health


Paprika, our main and outstanding product, it is the spicy typical from our Region of Murcia, Spain, with lots of culinary possibilities. This spice is the result of arduous process, from the land to the milling facilities. Paprika is ground from selected, dry pods of the botanical variety capsicum annuum. The paprika manufactured by La Pastora is genuine and healthy, keeps all its sensorial properties and free from any impurity.


Mr. Luis Sánchez García, along with his father, started up the business of paprika manufacturing, our main activity since 1945. The 90s represented a new period for the company, with the arrival of the third generation of the family, represented by Teresa, Inma, Luisa and María Sánchez, the daughters who re-founded the company.


Our brand is La Pastora. Paprika continues being our number one product, representing 98% of our turnover. All changes need an adjustment which involves a break with the past, though keeping a balance between a genuine traditional base and the challenges of the present and future: quality, organization, generational takeover and innovation.


Planting and Collection



Milling and packaging


Our responsibility is, therefore, to guarantee the quality along the whole production process, with a strict and continuous sampling and analysis of each batch of raw material and end-product, all under our HACCP program for food safety and our certification ISO 9001. Only premium raw material enters our production facilities, resulting in a beautiful, bright red paprika powder, with its characteristic flavor and aroma, low microbiology and ABSOLUTE PURITY. La Pastora packages for its industrial customers in bulk bags of 25 kg, and HORECA aluminium bags of 1 and 5 kg.


Our team will gladly attend to personal requirements.
In excellent spirit, we are constantly driving to improve the satisfaction of our clients.

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Import Manager / Production

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Account Department

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Sales Department

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Quality control

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General info.

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